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Who is Educagen?


We are specialists in CA Gen training and education with an experience in consultancy and training of more than 25 years in the CA Gen environment. We worked with all predecessors: IEF, Composer, COOL:Gen, Advantage Gen, AllFusion Gen.


Educagen supports organizations and their employees and trains them to develop applications using CA Gen. Starters and experienced developers will find a comprehensive collection of basic and advanced courses.


We offer a complete set of CA Gen Training Courses. The students will get all necessary knowledge and skills for all CA Gen functions and tasks.


The students will be trained in a way that on completion of the training the student will have the right knowledge and skills to start in the CA Gen project immediately.

The courses, developed by Educagen, are delivered worldwide at Client's location or in a Virtual Class.


NEW - Fast Track CA Gen

For a quick start as an application developer we created a new CA Gen training.

How to select your first CA Gen training?

When you are not familiar with the CA Gen environment it might be difficult to select the right training you need.

Time zone independent

Are you based in Australia, North America, Europe, India or China?   Your time zone is never a no-go zone for us. Educagen will always find a timeframe that suites you.

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CA Gen is also known as: AllFusion Gen, Advantage Gen, Cool:Gen, coolgen, IEF and Composer.

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