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Standard courses:


This link may help you to select the right first CA Gen training.


Tailored training programme

Educagen has developed a great number of training modules which can be used to compose the training programme you need for your situation. This is often without additional costs. For all your training needs we will help you to compose the right training programme.

All courses can be presented for all versions of the CA Gen software.


When ?

All courses can be taken at short notice, see the training schedule.



NEW - Fast Track CA Gen

For a quick start as an application developer we created a new CA Gen training.

How to select your first CA Gen training?

When you are not familiar with the CA Gen environment it might be difficult to select the right training you need.

Time zone independent

Are you based in Australia, North America, Europe, India or China?   Your time zone is never a no-go zone for us. Educagen will always find a timeframe that suites you.

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CA Gen is also known as: AllFusion Gen, Advantage Gen, Cool:Gen, coolgen, IEF and Composer.

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