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Educagen is specialized in training Gen

for Gen toolsets and IET's Studio Developer


For starters, advanced developers and business users we offer Basic and Advanced training for all areas of Gen.

Which Training?


Educagen offers standard training courses for all areas of Gen. They prepare 
students for an immediate start in a Gen project. 
If necessary you may compose your own specific training programmes.

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Individual Training

individuele cool:gen training

Only one or a few employees to be trained?

Then attend training in a Virtual Class with live trainer.
You can be trained at short notice, working from your own desktop.

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Group Training

klassikale training

This is the traditional way to train employees in a class room. 
Effective and cost efficient.
Choose this training method in case a group of employees have to be trained.

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CA Gen is also known as: AllFusion Gen, Advantage Gen, Cool:Gen, coolgen, IEF and Composer.

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