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Individual Training =  Training at your own desk

in a Virtual Class


Training is often delivered in a traditional way: a group of students and a trainer in a class room. However, in many cases there is only one or two students who need to be trained as soon as possible. In this situation the costs per student can be too high.


How can this problem be solved?


Educagen developed a new concept: Training in an virtual class for individual students.

The student will get individual instruction from his personal trainer (1:1). The trainer presents the theory slides and supervises the student while he is working from his own desktop. The communication takes place using internet and phone.

- even one employee can be trained
- attend training from your own desk
- no travel and hotel costs
- you can start soon, see course schedule

Here you'll find more detailed information about the Virtual Class method.
Customer References can be found here.

Would you like to know more about this training delivery method?
Please contact us for more information or a free demo/test.

Fast Track CA Gen

For a quick start as an application developer we created a new CA Gen training.

How to select your first CA Gen training?

When you are not familiar with the CA Gen environment it might be difficult to select the right training you need.

Demo Virtual Class ?

Would you like to know how Educagen delivers CA Gen training in a virtual class? Please, apply for a free demonstration by one of our trainers.

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