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CA Gen training in a virtual class  using internet


  • How comfortable it is to attend a training in a 'virtual class room'
  • Why all managers and students are enthusiastic about this training method
  • How the individual CA Gen training is conducted using the internet
  • Why the costs are lower

and register for a demonstration.

One of our training experts will explain how Educagen trains students in an individual way using a virtual class room on the internet. The presentation will take 15-30 minutes.

Registration is free.

You will see and hear how students are trained to become well equiped CA Gen developers who are ready to start in a CA Gen development or maintenance project.

Of course, you may ask questions using phone or VoIP. 

You can register by completing the form on this page.
To attend the demonstration you need:


  • computer with internet connection
  • head set, microphone/loudspeaker or phone

More details will be sent to you after registration.

IET's Studio Developer

Would you like to learn CA Gen using IET's Studio Developer?

All Educagen training courses, including the exercises, are suitable for students who develop applications using IET's Studio Developer.

How to select your first CA Gen training?

When you are not familiar with the CA Gen environment it might be difficult to select the right training you need.

Demo Virtual Class ?

Would you like to know how Educagen delivers CA Gen training in a virtual class? Please, apply for a free demonstration by one of our trainers.

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