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DB2 for the CA Gen developer


The objective of the course is enable the student to build applications with well performing database actions. The concepts and features of the database management system DB2 are discussed. He will learn which features are available for CA Gen and how Gen makes use of these features. Because of many exercises the student will learn to write well performing READ statements.
On completion the developer of CA Gen applications wil be able to build more effective and efficient DB actions in CA Gen.


The course includes the following subjects:

  • Introduction DB2
  • Generation of DB objects
  • Data integrity
  • Generated embedded SQL
  • SQL restrictions and special features
  • DB2 application performance
  • DB2 physical design and performance
  • Additional DB2 topics
  • RPROF and the CA Gen application
  • Scrolling in CA Gen applications
  • Batch design considerations

After the theory presentations many exercises are performed.


The duration of the course is 3 days.


The student must have completed the Basic of All Round Developer training and have some knowledge of SQL.


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