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Voor het geval er slechts één, twee of drie cursisten zijn, heeft Educagen een individueel concept ontwikkeld: de Live-Online training.

Lees hieronder de reacties van onze klanten. Meer referenties zijn beschikbaar.



Citizant Inc.
(Cairo Corporation)
Chantilly, USA


Before the start of the training I was rather sceptical, because I was not familiar with this type of training delivery. However, the result is very good and couldn't be better in case of a tradtional course. My employees are all member of a Gen project team now.
Bradley J. Long, Division Manager

Students (3):
This is a perfect and adequate way to attend a CA Gen training. We felt the training was very good and challenging. We had an excellent trainer, he made sure we understood the coursematerial covered, before proceeding to the next section.
James Atkins, Srini Sosale, Pam Kroehler




Bulletproof Solutions Inc.
Fredericton, Canada. .


The one on one set up was very helpful for me. We did it over the internet with GoToMeeting, and were "together" all day. That way, if any questions arose, they could be answered immediately. The exercises were great in helping solidify the concepts discussed in the modules. It is amazing what I picked up in 2 short weeks. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting in CA Gen.

I am fully prepared to start in CA Gen

Dave D'entremont




Thiruvananthapuram, India.


I was located in India, the computer I used for the training was located in the US and my trainer was in Europe.

Although there was a considerable difference in locations and timezones, the training was perfect and gave me much confidence to be able to start as a developer in my CA Gen project.

Arun Geethakumari



Paris, France.

We had only one employee to be trained. Especially for us the standard programme was adapted for the 3270 systems. It was exactly what we needed.
G.Bouteiller,  Manager Sodifrance

It was very pleasant to do the training from my own desk. The presentation by the trainer using my pc screen felt like being in a class room. The trainer was full time available, so I had a private instructor. It gave much self-confidence to know he could help me any minute.



Wuhan, People's Republic of China

We had an urgent need to get one employee trained for a CA Gen project. Educagen helped us to achieve that at short notice with an individual CA Gen training, allthough there was a considerable difference in time zone (Europe - China).
Tao, Jing-Xin, HLS Industry Manager, HP, China


This way of training delivery was excellent for me, because I could do it at my own speed (= very fast). For me it was an excellent way to become an All Round Gen developer. I feel ready and well equiped to start in my CA Gen project right now.
Zhao Li, CA Gen System Developer, HP, China



Lisboa, Portugal




I was the only student attending the course (Basic Developer), had a private trainer.

It gave me very good possibilities to get my questions answered more quickly. Very effective and efficient!

Everything went well and I don't think it could be better.

Luís Ricardo Raimundo Alves, CA Gen Developer, PrimeIT, Portugal.




Share IT
Veenendaal, The Netherlands.

For one of our customers an analyst/designer had to be trained in CA Gen. The training had to be tailored for her. Using the Live-Online training method Educagen could deliver this training for only one attendee, at short notice.
Paul Houtman, HR-manager

I like this way of attending a training more than the traditional trainings in a class room. No need to wait for students who are slower. For the hands on exercises the trainer was always available whenever I ran into problems. This is much more direct instruction and contact with the trainer than in a group. I can recommend this way of training to everyone.
Annemiek Berendsen



Aalborg, Denmark

For Nykredit we trained a new employee to develop and maintain systems for several environments (GUI, 3270).

My overall opion is very positive. As a student it was easy to follow the trainer's instruction on my screen. The whiteboard functionality was very helpful when the CA Gen concepts were explained. When working on my hands-on tasks my trainer could see on his screen what I was doing and could give me hints or correct me when appropriate.
Bo Casper Poulsen, Nykredit, Aalborg, Denmark



Manila, Philippines

Since we had only two attendees for the training this virtual class is a great opportunity to get them trained in CA Gen, not only the basics of CA Gen, but also the more advanced features and Component Based Development topics. The difference is time zone (6 hours) between Manila and Europe was easily solved thanks to the flexibility of both companies.
Reena Sarmenta, Manager, HP, Philippines

I like the hands-on exercises. CA Gen became easier to understand while doing the hands-on exercises. The trainer was very flexible and patient. During the training period we had to change the training dates, but Educagen was very flexible in this too.

Francis Ayala, Gen System Developer, HP, Philippines

Overall the training is very good. The trainer displays mastery of the subject matter. Lots of hands-on exercises. The checked our solutions carefully and provided comprehensive answers for the exercises.
Rachel Guevarra, Gen System Developer, HP, Philippines




Fredericton, Canada

My expectations were greatly exceeded by this course. I am very glad to have taken it and cannot even begin to imagine how lost I would have been inside of the CA Gen toolset without this instruction.



Lisboa, Portugal

TAP was interested in the CBD methodology and CA Gen SOA strategy. This training offered the possibility to get familiar with the concepts and principles of CBD using Gen.

This virtual 'live-online' training was an excellent way to get this first idea of CBD.

César Costa,  IT Planning Manager, TAP, Portugal


Before the start of this CBD-training I was curious how this 'virtual class' would be. It was a great experience to see how easy it is and how much you learn in a short period of time. It was more comfortable than the traditional training in a class room. There were only two students, so the trainer offered an almost individual training course with a continuous contact with the trainer just like in a class room.

Ana Melo, CA Gen Development manager, TAP, Portugal




Vienna, Austria


This type of training was a new experience for us, the outcome really surprised me in a positive way. My employee could start his work immediately after the very targeted Model Manager course.
I can recommend this type of training, because this way of education really is a good solution for CA Gen-specialists, who need to pick up know-how and skills in a very short amount of time.
Anatol Heinrich, manager

This course gave me a lot of important new knowledge for my new job as a model manager at AMS. Live online was a very intense way of training.
The quality of training was very good.
Alex Schuster



ING Belgium
Brussels, Belgium


Together with Educagen we composed a tailor made programme to train two employees in basic CA Gen skills. I appreciated very much that they could attend the course from their own desk. The course was delivered at short notice. It could not be better. And moreover, I was very happy with the price-quality ratio.
Sarah Dillen, ING-Belgium, IT AD Manager Finance & Risk.

Before the course, I was a little bit afraid about it. This live online course was completely new for me. My fears quickly disappeared. We made many handson practical tasks. My personal trainer was immediately available when I needed some help. You don't have to rush, you learn at your own speed.
Nicolas Deombrun

It was a very good training. I feel ready to begin with the first task in a CA Gen project.
Jerry Vandenputte



Oslo, Norway

We are using computers and distance learning for different purposes, but this Live-Online was the first time in a rather complicated IT environment.
The result is very good and it seems to be a good and efficient way to acquire competence.

I am very positively surprised about the course. It is without a doubt one of the best courses I have ever taken.
Using my own computer and the software for the pc-communication and talking over telephone worked very well.




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