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CA Gen for the Tester



The objective of the course is to provide testers of CA Gen applications with a good understanding of the concepts, terminology and diagrams which are used when a CA Gen application is developed. On completion of the training they will be able to use the system specifications in an optimal way.

The student will learn how a system is developed using CA Gen. He will practise to use the CA Gen terminology to optimize a good communication with the developers of the system.

His own test environment will be discussed during the course.



The course includes the following subjects:

  • What is CA Gen?
  • How is CA Gen used?
  • Which concepts play an important role?
  • Data Modeling in CA Gen
  • Database design and installation
  • Procedures
  • Windows, Views
  • Action Diagrams
  • Functional specifications in CA Gen
  • How to test a CA Gen application?
  • Generation of an application
  • CA Gen encyclopedia


After discussion of each theory topic handson tasks will make the tester familiar with the CA Gen concepts and diagrams. He wil have a good overview knowledge of CA Gen applications and how to test them.



The standard duration is 3 days.


The student has to be familiar with the concepts of system development.


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CA Gen is also known as: AllFusion Gen, Advantage Gen, Cool:Gen, coolgen, IEF and Composer.

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