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Developer Batch Systems



The objective is to train the student to build batch applications. He will learn how batch systems are developed. Batch concepts are discussed .This training will especially emphasize the batch concepts which are general for all environments.
Some aspects typical for the MVS/DB2 environment will be discussed.


The course includes the following subjects:

  • Introduction of Batch concepts
  • System design of Batch systems
  • Output to File
  • Batch techniques, Checkpoint, Restart
  • Input to Table
  • Cross Table Processing
  • On-line No Display
  • Action diagrams of a Batch system
  • MVS
  • Packaging, generation and test of Batch systems

After discussion of the theory many hands on exercises guarantee that the student has achieved a good level of practical skills.



The standard duration is 1 day.



The student must have completed the Basic of All Round Developer training.


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