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Component Based Development (CBD)


The objective of the course is to train the student to develop according the principles of Component Based Development (CBD). He will learn to specify components, to implement and publish them. Moreover he will be able to develop applications using predefined components.

On completion of the course the student is well prepared to start in a CBD project.



The course includes the following subjects:

  • What are components in CA Gen?
  • Definition of components
  • Specification of components
  • Implementation of components
  • Mapper action diagrams
  • Application assembly
  • Publishing of components

After the theory presentations many hands on tasks are performed.



The standard duration of the course is 2 days.



The student must have completed the Basic of All Round Developer training.


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CA Gen is also known as: AllFusion Gen, Advantage Gen, Cool:Gen, coolgen, IEF and Composer.

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